ProSonic Acoustics was formed by people who are passionate about sound design,
music engineering, and room acoustics. With a strong focus on our music production,
we were trying to discover how to build a room that had professional acoustic sound, a
space that would deliver a correct flat frequency response within our listening

Upon research for sound foam, we were very surprised by the difference in quality to
the costs of sound foam available in the market today. What we found was intriguing so
we decided to dig deeper, discovering that a majority of companies who are in the
supply industry of sound foam, are marketing similar quality products at very different
prices, importing their foam from outside of the US.

Putting this newly acquired knowledge to use, we developed ProSonic Acoustics with
one goal and desire;

to offer products and tools that are highly effective in absorbing unwanted sound, while
making it affordable for musicians to be inspired to take greater strides to create their
music and art in a professional sounding work space.

Our company uses manufacturers of foam from right inside the United States,
eliminating expensive middle ground so our deliveries are faster and our prices are
cheaper. This is how we can offer sound foam at the rates you will find on

We are extremely confident that our product will exceed your expectations. We can help
to give you the stellar sonic environment you have been seeking, or should be.

When you become a consumer of ProSonicAcoustics.com you can be sure that you are
doing business with a company that has a desire to assist and further the quality of
future sounds. We have done our research in sound design, not only the business of
selling acoustic foam.

Simply put; we are offering the same quality product at a price that nearly 20% lower
than what you would expect to pay at other stores and suppliers.

At ProSonicAcoustics.com we believe in providing our customers with exactly what you
require to solve your sound treatment needs.