When producing, mixing, or editing, any quirk in your listening setup is a liability. All too often, high-quality monitoring gear is rendered useless by a crappy-sounding room. Unless your space has naturally beautiful acoustics, you’re going to want to treat it.

Arguably, the hallmark of a professional monitoring setup is good acoustic treatment. ProSonic acoustic treatment kits will help your sound move toward a professional standard.

Practicing and performing music all depends on sound. If you’re like most people, your practice space might actually be a garage or even a storage unit – which are not exactly known for their great acoustics. Bad acoustics can make it hard to hear yourself play, which makes acoustic treatment a must. While our foam won’t help you get along with your neighbors any better, it will help you practice better by letting you focus on your sound. Get the most out of your practice time with an acoustic treatment kit from ProSonic Acoustics.

Home Theater and Stereo When you watch a film or listen to music, quality matters. Among the kits that ProSonics Acoustics sells, these are best-suited to treat a listening room or home theater environment. Often these spaces are larger, and reflect a serious investment in good sound – and so do the kits. ProSonic Acoustics treatment kits will enhance the listening experience in any space. This is particularly noticeable in terms of stereo imaging and high-end transients, which will become more realistic and subjectively neutral. Unwanted acoustic reflections often obscure the subtle details that good audio equipment brings out, so any serious listening room ought to be properly treated.