Are you one of numerous music producers or sound designers struggling to find the right kind of sound treatment for your studio or audio workspace? Seeking the correct application of acoustic foam? If you are looking to get a feel for the sometimes complicated field of room acoustics, and simply don’t know where to begin, this 6 page eBook will introduce you to room acoustics, assisting you to choose the kind of sound absorption material you will need to improve your studio space or listening environment.

This guide will teach you the main principles of sound reflection, and help you to decide the best placement of your sound foam… plus more. It also delves into the importance of using sound foam to rid unwanted early reflections, and lays out principles behind taming your room for better studio recordings.

Content Includes:

  • Early reflections: The death of stereo imaging and how to easily find and treat them. (Very IMPORTANT)
  • The differences between sound absorption, sound diffusion, and soundproofing (These are all highly misunderstood).
  • The definition of standing waves, why they lead to hot and cold spots in your room, and how to treat them.
  • Best practices for monitor and listening positions (Where sound treatment really begins).
  • How sound diffusion can benefit your listening environment.

It’s easy to read and you can download it right here and for FREE. Simply enter your email address and we will immediately send you a confirmation asking if you would like us to send you the PDF. Upon confirmation of your email address, we will immediately send you a link where you can download our free PDF file.

This ebook is written for the purpose of introducing you to the world of room acoustics, and to show how to  better understand the sound within your listening environment. We hope to help you towards better sounding productions and recordings.

ProSonicAcoustics Team